My daughter loves dancing. She been going since was three years old and has been to a variety of different classes, coaches and venues; she’s embraced each and every one of them. A couple of years ago she found the class that she enjoyed more than any other and this was run by a girl we knew called Lizi at her company HEAT.

I’ve been eager to set up free dance classes since the Foundation began, mainly because I’ve seen first hand how much the children (both boys and girls) seem to love it but I also realise some parents may just not be able to afford to send their children each week as well as provide some of the outfits that may be required. After having a few conversations with Lizi about HEATs schedule going forward, I’m really excited to say working together we’ve set up our first FREE dance classes for the ‘Lets Dance’ project.

‘Let’s Dance’ is a collaboration between The Shaun Barker Foundation and HEAT, providing brand new weekly classes for those children that are not fortunate enough to be able to attend already. Each child will be offered a free 8 week course, with the aim of working towards not only obtaining dance skills but other valuable skills such as self confidence, self esteem, team work and self expression. The course will finish with a show at the end of this period. ‘Let’s dance’ outfits will be provided after 3 weeks attendance too, this will hopefully help the children to feel part of a group.

Artifex studios have already agreed to work with the Foundation and HEAT have established classes there, so a perfect fit seems to be in place. If ‘Let’s Dance’ becomes a hit we’re hoping to expand the project to more venues and areas throughout the city.

Everyone at the Foundation is really pleased to finally get a class in place for children to enjoy the art of dancing and we’re very grateful to Lizi and HEAT for being the fist to agree to work with us.



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