Finding hubs around the city that have the capability to hold a variety of different classes for children in Derby was at the top of my list when setting up The Shaun Barker Foundation. Although I’m now focussing on many other ideas/areas going forward with my charity work, I’ve worked hard to ensure I fulfil this target and I’m delighted to say that Artifex Studios have offered me their space, services and expertise to help create the first useable space for the Foundation.

Artifex Studios is a perfect space located on Shaftsbury Street Industrial Estate, which is used for, amongst other things, Dancing, Photography and Gymnastics. It also has a Recording Studio. I’ve been taking my daughter there for around a year now and she loves the dancing and acrobatic lessons she’s taken part in.

I initially met with the owner Ash around 6 months ago and he was keen to help children in the Derby area and showed a real interest in helping the Foundation create one of these ‘hubs’ I was so keen to put into place. Together we are hoping to provide FREE weekly dance classes for children from the ages 6 -16 years of age as well as doing regular Foundation take over Sundays to allow children to have the opportunity to use the space throughout the whole day to allow them to use the more specialist areas such as the Recording Studios they have on site.

To say I’m extremely excited to get my first ‘hub’ in place is an understatement and I can’t thank Ash, and the guys at Artifex for their kindness and drive to give something back enough.

Plans are in place to start the classes in September 2015.



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