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After hearing about Savages a while back from a friend in London (his exact words were “they blew me away”), I proceeded to search Spotify to sample the four piece band made up of girls alone and give them my verdict. After hearing the impressive opener ‘Shut Up’, I wasn’t disappointed. Visually alone I was captured with the monochrome minimalist album cover, the moody faces and the seriousness portrayed over their faces resonates with how they seemed to have approached life in the music industry. I’m a sucker for style over substance it can lull me in to listening to almost any trash as long as I can believe they’re as cool as they think they are…….Savages thankfully supply the material too. Their post punk, industrial feel could’ve quite easily failed to capture me as I’ve heard the sound before and do I want it again? Obviously yes.

Time and effort has gone into creating such a sound. For someone like me who appreciates and enjoys punk and any genre diverging from it, but just can’t learn to outright love it’s overpowering, stifling noise, the tangible and soft edges supply the perfect amount of warmth to the heavy, distorted sound that allows me listen over and over again.

Throughout the album songs alter between the fast paced heavy side of the band to the slower, distorted sound which manages to create tracks that feel separated yet continuous. There are standout moments and tracks but it flows extremely well which makes the tracks merge that little bit better. The album finishes with a piano based track called Marshal Dear which brings the album to close slowly and gracefully managing to eliminate any harsh memories of previous hard tracks and make you believe another listen is a must.
It’s not a perfect album but it’s one that stands very strong in a year of music that I would argue has been overshadowed by old artists releasing staggeringly good albums. For me to have any new bands album on repeat is some statement and I’ve got a feeling it will be played a few more times to come.

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