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On the evening of Tuesday 13 March 2012 I was playing in the much anticipated local derby match between Derby County and Nottingham Forest when after a unavoidable collision in my penalty area I was left lying in agony on the pitch with what was assumed a dislocated knee cap. Over the following few weeks I realised the injury was much worse than we anticipated. Ruptured ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) , PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) and MCL (medial collateral ligament) as well as a torn lateral ligament and a substantial condrial defect left me staring at the possibility of early retirement.

This significant moment was to become the most soul destroying and frustrating point in my career, as well as my life and after 4 operations and an agonising 18 months of tough rehab I'm slowly beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

My aim is to hopefully give you all an insight to what it takes to get back to playing professional football after such a substantial injury and also give you a chance to follow my progress until that special moment when I'm back out on a pitch and kicking strikers once again!

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International Rehab


I'm off to the USA to see a rehab specialist for joint compromised specialist called Bill Knowles. He's regarded as one of the best in the world and I'm extremely lucky to be able to see and work with someone of his calibre. I'm going for a two week period and thought it would be great to record my experiences of both working with Bill in his rehab centre and Philadelphia, the city it's based at. So here it is, I hope you get an insight of the quality of methods and work Bill puts me through as well as the stage of my rehab I'm currently at.

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