LOGO (black and white)
With this design we wanted to create a modern twist on the latest DCFC logo. The painted effect creates a less obtrusive and structured branded t-shirt. As with the other designs in the line, we stuck to white and black to represent Derby County’s colours. A subtle and small ‘WITH THE GODS’ logo features below which in no way retracts from the obvious, this is a garment for DCFC fans. We think both colours work great in this simple design with a contemporary twist.

FULLY RAMMED (black and white)
Slogan t-shirts have always had a great place in fashion and since Katherine Hamnett made it huge in the early to mid 80s t-shirt companies have been making their own interpretations ever since. Fully Rammed was a slogan we thought would be a strong statement for the rams faithful. In the background you can see past legend of DCFC and a striking triangle dominates the centre of the design. This was inspired by the 1960’s crest which features a triangle separating the DCFC and the ram. On the white T-shirt the blue is shown to link with the third kit and for the black T-shirt the burgundy for the second kit. The Rams head sits where you’d expect, near to the heart.

If you are a Derby fan, you know the relevance of 1884, if you aren’t, you won’t, that’s the beauty of this design. Its simple and classic, that will never age and is the most significant date in the clubs history. We decided on using the striking yellow to link in with the yellow in the third kit this season. It’s not exactly needed, but we felt the subtle details were the most important in making these limited T-shirts. If you look closely you can see the clubs honours since Derby County was established faded into the background.

Having a ‘Legend’ in this T-shirt line was something I personally thought was extremely important, luckily at Derby County we were spoilt for choice! Steve Bloomer seemed both the most obvious and relevant even though the last time he played for the club was 100 years ago. His song Steve Bloomer’s Watchin’ is still sang before each game at the IPro stadium and his bust sits proudly next to the home dug out. The picture of Bloomer is framed is in white with roses that are blooming behind (do you get it?) and the roses in the foreground are in the burgundy of our second kit. We felt each kit colour should find a place in the line. The beautiful touch of having the lyrics of his song on the design works perfectly and once again it’s not obvious, leaving the attention to detail making each piece stand out. Another chant ‘We are Derby, super Derby’ surrounds the frame in which Bloomer sits majestically!

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