My First Run In Two Years

This is my site. I play football and have written this thing that you see above this box. There are likely to be typos cos I'm a footballer


  • Reply April 19, 2014

    david millett

    hi shaun brilliant to see u back running again met u couple of times true gent will be great to see u back in rams shirt uve worked ur arse off getting to this point many would of gave up I broke my tibia playing football match few years ago and had to have a metal rod put in my leg which is still there so I no how frustrating it is not being able to play but as a one off I will be putting the boots back on for derby county fans v Nottingham forest fans charity match in may at the ipro just need to get rid of my red boots n get new cant be wearing red against them

  • Reply April 20, 2014

    Andy springall

    So this is what you have been doing to keep busy. Great site. Good to see you in the Pedigree Suite before the game. Thanks for signing my sons programming. Shame we had to get County’s autograph too (joke). Having said that…where did you get that shirt?. Great to see you back running again

  • Reply April 20, 2014

    Steven Saeed

    Good to see Shaun. It doesn’t really compare but I had a pin put in my wrist to fix a broken wrist. In all I was unable to play football for only 8 weeks and it did my head in! How you’ve managed to cope with your rehab, given the seriousness of your injury and the time away from the football pitch is seriously impressive. Glad you’ve managed your first run. Looking forward to the day you finally get to put the shirt on again.

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