My First Blog Post

So, I’ve decided to write a blog. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure why. I’m not sure what I hope to achieve from it and I’m not sure whether it will continue for long, but nonetheless I’m giving it a go!

I’ve been computer illiterate for years. The thought of using computers to do anything other than search the internet or to download my beloved music collection onto iTunes is pretty terrifying.

It’s fair to say I just don’t trust it!

I am, however, not against technology and the beauty of the modern world. I have younger brothers and sisters that are telling me the wonders that are at everyone’s fingertips, none more so than my older brother who is an SEO.

For those who don’t know what that means, maybe I’m not so naive and out of date? Anyway it means Search Engine Optimiser, and if I’ve understood properly it is somebody who is paid to optimise the chance of somebody coming across your website.

This is done by relating the words you are searching for to their websites…………..or something along those lines!

Anyway anyone who knows me will realise I’m lucky enough to play professional football for a living. Currently I’m Derby County’s Club Captain which is something I’m extremely proud of.

If you are already aware of that, you’ll also know I am not your stereotypical footballer.

I don’t dress in D&G, I don’t listen to R&B, my wife isn’t a WAG!

I would like to point out that not all the lads that play football are, especially the ones currently playing for Derby County but stereotypes don’t occur by accident.

The easiest way I describe myself when interviewed is I’m a student who plays football for a living. It’s not exactly true as I don’t particularly like all the crap bands that are about these days, I also don’t sink dozens of shots when I’m out either…….. well if I’m chucking a stereotypes about. I do love the artistic and creative side of life and music is at the forefront of that.

I was reluctantly introduced to the world of Twitter around two years ago and although I’m not obsessed with social networking it is great for fun, banter, self-promotion, as well as encouraging good causes. I’ve enjoyed the interactions I’ve had with football fans but was extremely surprised by how many followers were more interested in my love of music.

This had me thinking and I realised how many Derby fans and possibly football fans around the country were desperate to hear their own players have good taste, individuality, and a resistance to not become robots in a world where mass media and huge companies/corporations drip feed the youth of today a world of mass production.

More and more we are seeing lazy, yet convenient, ways to listen to music and watch films. We are almost forced into the taste we acquire by seeing nothing but these things advertised and aired on TV and Radio.

I, along with others, refused to be taken in by it all, yet at the same time appreciate the change in the world, (I am writing this on an iPad nonetheless).

I would much prefer to go out and buy my music on a hard format whether it is on CD or Vinyl. I like the shopping for a bargain around car boots and I love that I can proudly show off my collection of music and film at home. It does leave me dumbfounded that other lovers of music and film do not feel the same. Maybe it’s just about the era we grow up in, how protective we are of our belongings and belongings or maybe just individual taste is weaning its way out of the modern world?

Looking back I’m disappointed I’ve only just decided to do a blog now, and more importantly at this stage of my rehab. It would have been great to have started it all after my injury on that fateful night of March 13th 2012.

I would have had the opportunity to share my highs and lows of an extremely tough year of my professional career. Spoken openly the things that have made the long road to recovery that little bit easier and the barriers I’ve had go through to even be at this stage.

As fans you get to read a taste of my progression through the local paper and clubs media sources, but that only touches the fringes of what goes on and what I need to succeed in my goal of returning for Derby County once again.

I’m writing this shortly after undergoing my fourth and hopefully final operation on my knee.

With that in mind there’s still a long way to go until I’m fully recovered and I’m sure there will be more tough times ahead, which all of you will be able to follow on here if you wish.

I suppose that’s the drive that makes me want to be a bit more active in the world of technology!

This is my site. I play football and have written this thing that you see above this box. There are likely to be typos cos I'm a footballer

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