Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Push the Sky Away – Review

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Push The Sky Away is Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds 15th studio album and although there has been many other side projects over the past few years their latest album feels as honest, thoughtful and important to them as ever.Whether Warren Ellis and Nick Cave managed to get their experimentations and influences fulfilled with the heavy rock outfit Grinderman, we are left with an album that resembles the beauty and calm of older albums like ‘The Boatmans Call’ and ‘No More Shall We Part’, yet still creating a completely different sound.It’s a smooth, confident album that oozes the experience and maturity needed to make great new sounds whenever they decide with perfect delivery. Many of Caves songwriting styles are heard throughout, whether it be his biblical/religious references or his love and losses in his more ballad like songs; but it as a collection feels more open and airy. For me Nick Cave is at his best when the music is at it’s more simplistic, which allows his beautiful songwriting to shine through. The opening ‘We Know Who U Are’ starts the album off perfectly with its repetitive organ and base expressing a rather controlled feel. This is followed by the beautiful ballad ‘Wide Lovely Eyes’ then onto the ‘Waters Edge’, a song a few albums ago would have built into a rapturous finale, not now. The album possesses a restraint throughout. Songs feel like they could progress and evolve but the sheer confidence that each track should have a level feel throughout makes it extremely endearing. ‘Higgs Blossom Blues’ is a stand out track, Cave almost having to force his words out in a mellow, gruffly voice. The influence of Warren Ellis is obvious throughout and it not hard to see the scores that both Ellis and Cave worked on had some bearing on The Bad Seeds latest album. I do love an artist that grows and matures as they continue their career and Nick Cave is a perfect example. His other projects allow his heavier experimental side to flourish but when he steps back with The Bad Seeds he seems to evolve. Never do they seem static but always moving forward. With ‘Push the Sky Away’ Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds have created another masterpiece proving that sometimes less is more.

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