Thoughts on Germany Rehab

With only a couple of hours remaining in Dusseldorf and my treatment finished I sit and hope that this latest treatment I’ve received could be the one that allows me to really push on and to finally get back to training.

Over the last 5 days I’ve received 5 daily injections, followed by 20 minutes of acupuncture and finished off taking a rather tasteless medicine. This treatment last not much longer than 30-40 minutes a day and I was delighted to hear that I was allowed to get on with whatever I wanted after each session. After the first injection I felt particularly sore for the first hour or two but to my delight that pain subsided and after that my knee has been up for strolling on the promenade, sampling the food and drink in the old town and also experiencing the outstanding views from the very top of the Rhine Tower.

Each day I have seen a slight improvement on both pain and swelling. Neither of which I would get over excited about but both aspects leave me with the belief that this treatment could make a significant positive in my recovery and that I may be able to ramp up my rehab sooner rather than later.

I’m delighted and appreciate the club sending me here to receive the Orthokine treatment and I realise that after this there isn’t much more they can do but sit and wait to see if the reaction is good enough for me to play for Derby County once again. Time is on my side with still a full season after this left on my contract but I’m desperate to still play some part of this season and be in and amongst the squad raring to go for the start of the next campaign.

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