When I set up The Shaun Barker Foundation one of my main aims was to help people in the city enjoy music as I did growing up and still do to this day. Music is a beautiful art form and allows any individual the freedom and enjoyment of expressing themselves honestly and creatively. Although I’ve never played in a band or had music as a career path, it’s become more than just a hobby and an interest, it’s a integral part of my life and always will be. Hopefully as the Foundation becomes bigger it can make more of a difference within the city but after only a few months plans and ideas are already getting off the ground. I was really excited when I had a meeting with Martin Ridgeway who owns The Venue in Derby city centre (it is a music venue that showcases some great well known bands, as well as local up and coming bands too), along with his Babington group they asked for my help to support the Radar Love project. I thought that it was an amazing idea which I was keen to endorse, it offers a fantastic opportunity for young adults to learn and develop skills that could help them forge a way into music as a career. This is completely free (it’s grant funded) for those that are not in education or employment. Radar Love are also eager to donate part of the regular gig fees to The Shaun Barker Foundation too which is another fantastic gesture. I’m sure ‘Radar Love’ can be a success and hopefully it can make a difference to those who attend in the future.

Here’s the official release:

Live music project offers Derby youngsters the chance of a new career – Unique collaboration backed by Shaun Barker Foundation

A unique project will offer young people interested in a career in the music industry the chance to gain a brand new set of hands-on practical skills through 2 courses; Live Music Production or Digital
Marketing. The courses will give the experience of being part of a production crew for live music events and meet the performing acts, as well as learning how to promote live music.
The courses are a collaboration between the Derby-based Babington Group and The Venue to offer life-changing opportunities for local young people. It is being supported by the Shaun Barker Foundation, which will receive 50p from every ticket sold at events linked to the course.
Youngsters will have the opportunity to work on production with live acts and market and promote real events.

Carole Carson, Chief Executive of The Babington Group said “This is such a unique project which will truly support young adults to gain significant experience and of course the skills required for working within the music industry – what a great opportunity!” she added “We are so proud to be involved and can’t wait for the first cohort to start their new journey”.
The host for these events is Derby based “The Venue” who host regular live music nights (known as Radar Love) and have many well-known bands due to perform over the coming months including Black Grape.

Martin Ridgeway, Partner at The Venue said “This project will provide a fantastic opportunity for young people to gain valuable skills in the music industry and gain real experience to increase their employment and education prospects, It’s a privilege to be involved and provide the live music environment to help the path of career paths of local young people”.

The project is being backed by the Shaun Barker Foundation, recently set up the Derby County Club Captain to help disadvantaged children in the city in the area of arts and music, sport and social care.
Shaun said: “Everyone knows my love of music and we are delighted to support and help promote this new project, which is fantastic way to encourage young people into the music industry and a potentially life-changing career and taps into one of the Foundation’s areas of focus. I’ll be going to some of the gigs and events an am grateful for their support in raising vital funds to help young people in Derby.”

Shaun commented, “In early 2015 The Shaun Barker Foundation was set up with the aim to help as many people in the Derby area. To help underprivileged children and to inspire them to achieve was as the forefront of it all.” he continued “This project fits the aims of the foundation perfectly, we hope to inspire young people from the area to make the most of this opportunity to learn what the music industry is really all about and gain real skills along the way, that could change their lives for the better”.

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