I’ve had so much help setting up the Foundation from so many different areas of expertise, but there was one particular area I was keen to make sure I chose carefully, and that was who to use to help design and brand the Foundation. I was lucky enough to have The Bleach room to help me with the initial logo, but it was important that I had someone close by to help me put a visual stamp on The Shaun Barker Foundation going forward. I received a message off Sean Fox, he sent me an email offering any support I needed in the future. Attached were his credentials and previous work (some of which was designing posters and advertising for huge Hollywood films). It should be no surprise to hear I arranged to meet Sean to discuss if we could work together and to my delight he was more impressive in person than his impeccable CV! Chatting over a couple of cups of coffee, I had no doubt in my mind this was the person I wanted to help me with my Foundation. Within a few weeks, brochures, banners and business cards were designed and general sound advice for the charity received. He was able to create the style and branding I wanted with ease from my vague and muddled initial ideas.

To say the Foundation is lucky to have someone like Sean onboard is an understatement, and I’m extremely excited to see what we can create together in the future.


If anyone is setting up a business, wanting to rebrand one that already exists or just interested to see what this local lad is up to, check out his website

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