I’ve been slowly working towards setting up different projects for the last few months and its great to see a few finally starting to take shape; one of these is The Pocket Money Project.


A few months back I met Jenny Elks who is a volunteer at Derby Kids Camp. Derby Kids Camp ( provides 5 weeks of camping in the Peak District each summer that 70 children a week attend, with a total of over 300 children benefiting each year. The children experience day trips, swimming, hiking, and many activities on site. These breaks are given to children that would otherwise not get a holiday. The children come from a range of backgrounds including young carers, those in foster care or from large families.

Derby Kids Camp is a 100% volunteer-run charity that offers an amazing opportunity for these young children through a grant funded scheme but The Shaun Barker Foundation wanted offer their support too. Although all costs of the camp are covered through the grants they receive, they do ask each parent/guardian to provide £7 for their child’s pocket money for the week. This offers them the opportunity to buy treats throughout their stay from an on site tuck shop and while out on activities. Although this may seem a small amount to us, many of the families cannot provide this money and the Camp then have to raise even more money to make each child on the holiday week equal. The Pocket Money Project is hoping to take that pressure and strain away from the camp by getting enough donations to cover as many children as possible. On The Foundation Website there will be a section called the Pocket Money Project that will allow you to donate the £7 that will cover one child. Of course you can do this as many times as you’d like depending on how generous you’re feeling, but please know any donations will make a huge difference to a childs summer.


We also have a text donate service to use this please text >…. To >….. this will only allow you to donate £5 as only standard figures are able to be given via this service.


Derby Kids Camp are always looking for volunteers so if you have a spare hour or two to donate please pop over to their website and have a proper look at the great work they do.


Thanks in advance for any donations you offer.



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