The the original idea for the Shaun Barker Foundation was to create a few charitable events in the city of Derby to raise funds and awareness for those that need it the most. However, after the overwhelming initial response I’ve received I’ve quickly established it’s going to be bigger than I originally planned!


Obviously this is something I’m delighted with but the combination of this being a new, alien venture for me and having to learn on my feet, combined with the desire to make the most of all the interest and support I’ve received and to manage the Foundation would be extremely difficult and unrealistic. Luckily help is at hand. After a couple of meetings and discussions with Nick Britten (Managing Director of Another Voice Public Relations and Media Management) I’m delighted and extremely grateful that he’s offering his services and expertise to make the most of the fantastic position this Foundation is in at such an early stage of it’s life. Using his knowhow and contacts he will be able to advise and guide myself and the Foundation to make it as successful as possible in the future. In order for the Foundation to thrive, help from the likes of Nick and ‘Another Voice’ is vital and hopefully we can build a relationship going forward whilst both enjoying making a difference in the city too.



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