Announcing The Shaun Barker Foundation is one of the most exciting things I’ve had the privilege of doing and I hope will become one of the defining moments in my life.
I’ve had the pleasure of being a professional footballer since the age of 20 and I have, and continue to appreciate how fortunate I am as a human being. I have a great job, fantastic friends, I’m from a quite remarkable upbringing, I have a beautiful, healthy family and during it all I’ve had helping hands to provide and protect me throughout. Many people are not so lucky!!
Just over a year ago I sat down and decided I wanted to start a foundation to work on my own charity ideas as well as the bits I do for DCFC. Part of being a footballer is promoting great schemes, charities and good work from people in the local area but often I found it quite impersonal and I felt a more ‘hands on’ approach was needed to give me the satisfaction I needed in this area. Working alongside the PFA I’ve finally managed to set up my own foundation and am looking forward to stages great events in the coming months that will include interests of my own as well as other areas.
I’ll be working on three different area, Arts and Culture, Sports in the community and Social care. Each of these have a relevant and personal attachment to myself.

Arts and Culture – This is something I’ve always been interested in and would of been the route I would of taken in further education if I wasn’t offered the opportunity at 16 to have an apprenticeship at Rotherham Utd. I’m a huge music lover as you’re all aware and feel Arts are an irreplaceable avenue to focus your attention on no matter what your situation. Whether it’s for a career in this path or just something to distract you from the grind of day to day life it’s a form of self expression that I feel can’t be rivalled.
I am delighted to announce that I will be working alongside Quad in Derby to put on exciting and innovative events that will hopefully captured the creative side of you all.

Sports in the community – The obvious link is myself and the life I’ve been able to live because of an interest in sports from an early age. Sports were a huge part of my childhood and has defined my life to date. I was lucky to have parents that could provide time, effort, funds and of course transport to allow me to do the thing I loved. I couldn’t tell the hours and distance my father travelled to allow me to develop and excel in football and for that I’m extremely grateful. Has everyone been as fortunate as me?…….the answer is very few. I’m hoping to provide time, expertise and money to help this area for people to enjoy sports like myself.

Social Care – This particular area is very close to my heart as at the age of three my parents decide to begin fostering and they continued well after I left home. 16 years later and over 180 children in and out of our doors my parents and family decided to retire, knowing we’d been lucky enough to help all those children to a better life. This act of selflessness as well as a stable loving home and family life unquestionably helped me on my own path in life. I’m hoping to raise funds and the profile of social care in which I’ve seen and experienced first hand the difference it can make to the lives of these vulnerable young kids.
Please take the time to check out any upcoming events and if there’s anything that interests you please visit and donate as generously as possible to make the biggest change possible to each of the three areas I’m focussing on.

Thanks in advance to anyone that’s supported me to make a difference.


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