WE all know Will Hughes is an exceptional talent and that was recognised when he was named the Football League’s Young Player of the Year.
The award is fully deserved given how well he has done over the past season and a half.
He has also shone under two different managers, Nigel Clough and Steve McClaren, which is impressive.
Will has been just as important as anyone else in the team, and in a key position in the side where he needs to be a creative player who can find a pass.
He has got something that other players of his age don’t have, that calm and thoughtful way about him in his play. That makes him stand out. He keeps receiving the ball and finding a pass.
Of course he still has a lot to learn but he has the time on his side to become the player everyone believes he is capable of becoming.
What is his best position?
We have seen him play different roles in midfield, and play them well.
For me, I think the further up the pitch he is, the bigger threat he is to teams.
We know he is comfortable on the ball, we see that all the time and that is why he can play that holding role although I don’t think anyone has done it as well as John Eustace this season. He hs been so important in our formation.
Will can play there and can start things off but with his vision and talent, and the way he can pick a pass, I think he is more suited further up the pitch which we have seen this season.
Off the pitch, he is fairly quiet. He is also a fairly bright lad which has helped him deal with all the hype.
There is absolutely no arrogance or big-time vibe from him.
He is extremely laid back and relaxed, and so comfortable with everything that has been thrown at him.
That is the reason why he has been able to handle the pressure, the hype and the expectation so well since making his debut.
Mason Bennett also picked up a big award – Apprentice of the Year in the Championship.
Mase has been just as comfortable with the pressure and expectation at such a young age. We have to remember he was still at school when he became the club’s youngest ever player.
He is a different character to Will. He is also quiet although the longer both of them have been involved with the first team, the more settled they have become and they have got a little bit louder!
Mase is out on loan at Chestefield which is another step, and an important step in his development.
He has the power and rawness about him to cope and deal with League Two.

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